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Membership Information

     Black Ministers Conference membership is open to all clergy of Montgomery County, without regards to their ecclesiastical persuasions. The Black Ministers Conference was formulated in 1981 with the purpose of being supportive of the total community spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, socially, physically and in other appropriate areas of need that are not met by any other organization. The members of the Black Ministers Conference cooperate with one another to meet the mission goals while avoiding conflict with local church activities.  

     While this website provides information about the Black Ministers Conference, it is impossible to share the fellowship and support that occurs at the meetings.  This website lists a few churches and organizations that have partnered with the Black Ministers Conference . To truly know if you would like to join the conference, we invite and encourage you to come to one of the meetings.  

     Membership dues of $100 (per person) are due on an annual basis. A small donation is collected at each meeting.  This token of love is provided to offset the cost of facilitation the meeting.  
     Non-clergy that have a shared interest with the Black Ministers Conference may also join as an Associate member.  An Associate member may not vote but has the opportunity to participate in other ways during meetings.  The dues for an Associate member is $75 (per person) annually.
     Organizations that have similar goals as the Black Ministers Conference can also be represented during the meeting.  To show support for the conference an organization may become an Affiliate member.  Being an Affiliate member allows an organization to send a representative to the meetings and to coordinate scheduled events with the conference.  Affiliate membership is $100 annually. 

     If you would like to join the conference, please complete the membership form: Black Ministers Conference of Montgomery County Membership Form. Please bring the form with your annual dues to the next meeting.

     Completed membership forms can be mailed to PO Box 10911, Rockville, MD 20849-0911 with the annual membership dues in the form of a check made payable to: Black Ministers Conference of Montgomery County (Maryland).
The membership year is March through February.

     If you know a minister that may be interested in the conference, Please share the attached brochure: BMCMC Brochure

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